Last weekend (two weekends from now) our Work Study Program provided our landscaping services for our donors in Wekiva Springs (man I’d like a better way to say our donors) in Wekiva Springs.  Sidenote…Wekiva Springs is beautiful.  We took out a huge bird of paradise plant and it put up a fight!  Shout-out to one of our students, Marquis, for his work ethic and persistence transplanting a ton of bushes in the Florida heat,  a hard job indeed.  We added a bird bath then encircled it with beautiful white, pink, and red begonias.  We also planted 2 lemon and 1 lime trees (good luck Henry!), a bunch of peace lillys, thai plants that I can’t remember the name of and succulents.  We can’t thank our donors enough for the opportunity to add value to our community while providing employment (need better) experience and empowerment for our youth.

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