Improving work maturity skills through excellent service.

Every Saturday, our students get to test their work maturity skills with part-time work, focused on landscaping and agri-scaping lawns and gardens throughout Central Florida. Grow Orlando’s Work Study allows qualified students from the ESE Department at Jones High School to Earn money to help manage the costs of life, Earn vocational credit geared towards graduation, increase healthy habits and promote change throughout their community.

For almost all of our team of workers, or G.O. Team, this program is the only source of income and paid work experience available to them. We have found these programs provide experience in a professional environment and teaches responsibility, while opening their minds to their future options. The results of each work day are a willingness to work hard, not only for the money, but for the enhancement of their self-worth as well. Nothing speaks to our students like a long and arduous job that was not only completed, but done so well as to inspire recommendations, compliments, and rewards for their dignified service.

You can help us grow! Do you have any labor-intensive projects around your lawn that you would need done, but haven’t gotten around to yet? Any heavy sodding, gardening, farming, etc. that needs more work and attention than you can give? Looking for a local company with a strong mission to put behind your gardening and farming needs? Look no further! Contact us and place your requests and needs in today, so we can change the lives of at-risk youth by beautifying your home.

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