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Every person has potential. Whether it be your gifts, talents, something you would like to be good at, even trouble, there lies potential for enhancement. In our Seeds of Potential program, we equate seeds to one’s own talents, skills, and strengths, and parallel the growth of self with the growth happening in the farm. Our students will: prepare their field and their mind, plant what we want to harvest in the garden and in our lives, cultivate and nourish what we’ve planted so our harvest can reach its highest potential, collect the harvest that we’ve created together, and enjoy fruits of our labor.

In order to accomplish our goals, Grow Orlando must also focus on the community where our students reside. At the Winter Garden Alliance meeting, we asked several of the youth what it is that they want to see in their community. They almost immediately said jobs and healthy and safe activities for the older kids. For our Seeds of Potential pilot program in Winter Garden, 5 students joined, with more students wanting to be a part of the program, but could not due to capacity. For our kick-off in January, we have 10 new students that have applied and are ready to farm! With you, we can place  financial and health investments directly into our students and our community, building  ‘Growth’ with residents and supporting organizations for a grassroots harvest we can all enjoy.

Alongside financial literacy training, accessible and healthy foods, and community service, our students will this year get to partner with Shepherd’s Hope and St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in filling food prescriptions. Clients that don’t have healthcare and suffer from obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. will receive a food prescription, have it filled, and join classes on how to grow, cook, and eat the produce all on the same block!  

Our plants can grow teens in so many ways, but not without your help.  We can impact our community’s future harvest by what we invest in today. In order to develop young leaders into a future where their potential can be realized, there needs to be little in the way of formal, structured preparation. Click here to help us grow our program in East Winter Garden and meet the demands of opportunity and experience for our youth today!

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