Grow Orlando is pleased to announce that the Wells Fargo – Waterford Lakes branch has awarded $1,000 in funds to help support our mission!

Wells Fargo banks offer annual scholarships to local non-profits that are doing exemplary work in the local community, and we are so blessed to be a part of that list! The funds will be used as the foundation of our ‘Otherwise Project’ fundraiser, taking our youth places they otherwise would never have gone. This summer’s trip, we will highlight the importance of knowing what’s in your backyard – so we are going to Yellowstone National Park! We are all really excited, as none of the students have ever ventured that far from home (much less in the wilderness) and will get to experience the full beauty and glory that America’s National Parks have to offer!

Can you imagine never seeing the galactic paintbrush sprayed across the horizon at night? What would your life perspective be if you’ve never been on an airplane before? We at Grow Orlando believe that in order to help grow our at-risk youth, and provide an increased perspective on life, we must take out of their current life experiences and add on to it.

Join us, as we raise $10,000 to take our deserving youths out to places they never have, and never would have, been before!

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