Healthy Eating – Uprooting Food Deserts

Last Saturday, after we finished working at our work study site, I asked a couple of the students if they wanted to stop somewhere to grab something to eat. Knowing that their options had to be weighed, they prudently asked me if I was going to pay for it (otherwise, they would’ve preferred to keep their funds and eat at home). I told them that I would pay for it, and so the search was on for some good food. Unfortunately, from just west of Downtown Orlando, also known as Parramore, to their drop-off site there wasn’t a healthy option in site or mind.

Not wanting to veer too far out of route, to save gas, I made a quick decision to stop at a fast-food fried chicken restaurant, whose identity will remain anonymous. As we were staring at the lists of options, I knew that I didn’t want anything on the menu, so I asked the fellas, “Well, what do you want?” They both slowly shook their heads, and decided against purchasing any of their cholesterol-filled options. I have never been prouder!! Driving away, I thought, this was one of the proudest moments I’ve had in my time at Grow Orlando, and our theory is resounding some positive effects.

Tying fiscal responsibility with healthy decisions does lead towards a healthier lifestyle – even in food deserts!! Our healthiest option, unfortunately, was a gas station due to sheer variety, but it was great to see our guys L.E.T. Grow into a new lifestyle. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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