How do you use plants to grow teens?

At Grow Orlando, our learning model is simple. All of our young professionals in our program Learn, Earn, Travel, and Grow! (or, L.E.T. Grow!) into a new way of living. but what does that mean? In what ways is our program using plants to establish self-worth, increase their level of professionalism, and obtain new perspective? Here how:

LEARN focuses on the stewardship of creation.  Our Life Skills Through Plant Cultivation course combines the joy of creating life (the plants), the accountability of maintaining that life (grow season), and the understanding of that life’s significance (harvesting the fruits of your labor) in their own lives so the students can Learn to Grow into a new way of living.

EARN – focuses on the skills required to diversify employment opportunities and/or entrepreneurship. Grow Orlando’s Work Study Program offers employment and vocational credit for students in the ESE Department, with our flagship operation located at Jones High School. All of the projects that we have been a part of is centered around neighborhood beautification and sustainable growth for the home owner’s project. Self worth grows, part-time pay provides economic stimulus, and each student’s work maturity skills improves, increasing their levels of professionalism.

TRAVEL – changes the perspective, restructures the mind, and allows our team to appreciate different people and places. This pillar is very important to us because of this, and more-so because almost all of our students have rarely, if ever, traveled anywhere before. If  you have seen the Milky Way, overlooked a mountain pass, or immersed yourself in mother nature, you will understand how a trip like our Otherwise Project will increase our student’s perspective more than months in a classroom would.

GROW! – The results of Learning about themselves and how they grow like plants, Earning dignity and self-worth by obtaining a paycheck, and Traveling to places they have only seen sporadically on other people’s Facebook posts will be that by time they graduate, they will have gained a new perspective on life and how they should lead it.

We invite you to grow with us! Every home we beautify, every donation we receive, and every volunteer hour donated fuels our mission to greater impact – so come on in and let’s grow our relationship into action! Interested in joining our cause, or want to volunteer? Donate Here.

Email us for any projects or jobs you need, volunteer opportunities, or just to say hi and you love what we do (those are my favorite!), and we will be in touch!

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