Hey Orlando! You know, we’re always preaching get action, so we wanted to give a shout out to the young men in our work-study program who work hard for sustainable lives while beautifying the Orlando environment. The hard work and perseverance they’ve shown this school year, and the use of valuable tools they’ve learned while growing with us, embodies the L.E.T. Grow model in every fashion. Things have not been easy, though. In one work study weekend, we had to finish re-sodding 1,300 sq. ft. of residential lawn in Dr. Phillips, build a beautiful and lasting Nantucket-garden in Winter Garden, and helped with the Winter Garden Community Garden restoration. At the end of each project, we clean up, admire our success, chant our ‘Get Action’ mantra*, and move on to the next one. By the end of the day everyone was exhausted, but each one of us thought, ‘Not bad for a weekend!’

Grow Orlando’s work-study program  exposes students to the joy and dignity of productivity, and gives us great joy to watch our mission unfold before out eyes. Working throughout the week and Saturdays, while laying down our organization’s foundation, has brought new and invigorating experiences that we at Grow Orlando wouldn’t change for the world. The feeling of personal fulfillment and professional development one cultivates through hard work helps our students, and ourselves, Earn (the E in L.E.T. Grow) dignity, professional development, and fiscal responsibility. The feeling of dignity that cultivates in our students is the soil of proper growth.

Do you have a lawn that needs re-sodding?  Do you need a garden installed?  Do you want to help provide jobs for exceptional youths from Orlando’s inner cities? Contact us and schedule a free appointment!


*”Get Action; Do Things; Don’t Fritter Away Your Time; Create; Act; Take A Place Wherever You Are And Be Somebody; Get Action.”

~ Theodore Roosevelt

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