Empowering Future Generations

Making A Difference Through Urban Micro Farming

Welcome to Grow Orlando where we teach life, work and financial literacy skills through plant cultivation by providing jobs in urban farming to disadvantaged youth. 

Eradicate Food Deserts

Many underserved communities lack healthy and affordable food choices such as fresh fruits and vegetables, largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and healthy food providers.

Youth Personal and Professional Development

Youth who are prepared for adulthood are comfortable demonstrating fundamental life skills such as communication, cultural competence, conflict resolution, and self reliance.

Economic Development

Building an economy happens when the residents and their neighbors get together to invest back into their community for growth and development. Grow Orlando places that investment directly into the individual and their growth so that they can help themselves, their family, and their neighbors.

We Teach Life Skill Through Plant Cultivation.

Building our youths’ knowledge and skills around urban micro-farming, coupled with life skills such as decision-making, nutrition knowledge and financial literacy, can contribute to improved nutrition and food security for households and communities. Investing in our most at risk and disadvantaged teens is also an avenue to cultivating more participation in their families and communities.

How You Can Help


Seeds Of Potential

Seasonal student work-study program offering education through employment and entrepreneurship.

The Otherwise Project

Taking our youth places they otherwise would never go – what better way to find yourself, than to lose yourself in a different, natural environment.


Semi annual Garden-to-table event. Eat what we grow, meet new friends, and raise some funds. 


Community harvesting initiative with local organizations.

The Milkweed Movement Project

Saving the butterfly population with awareness, research, and a whole lot of milkweed

Complete Cycle Compost Campaign

Locally sourced organic material combined to create the coolest compost in our community.

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